Kajabi Review 2019: Why I Gave Up On Wordpress And Moved to Kajabi

kajabi review Apr 01, 2019

In this article I provide my short story of why I moved from WordPress to Kajabi, my own experience with Kajabi with results and proof and lastly a full review of how Kajabi works so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you.

In 2017 I made a big decision to start an online business selling information products in the form of courses.

I had 5years of experience training individuals and businesses in my niche in person but never online.

I took advice from a few online savvy friends who recommended I start with WordPress which seemed to be the number one recommended solution but I experienced a few months of frustration trying to put the various elements together until I quit WordPress and moved my business to a game changing, rapidly growing platform called Kajabi

[Full Disclosure: I’m now an affiliate for Kajabi.]

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From the Beginning

Starting an online business today is not as easy as social media sells it out to...

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