Social Media Managers Course 101

The course covers 7 major Social Media Marketing topics comprising of 20 hours of lessons and short assignments that will leave you well equipped to manage social media at any level for any brand of any size. This course is one of the most comprehensive social media marketing courses available online. Without a clear understanding of how social media works and guidance on the daily steps to take, you may never get your ideas and full potential as an online marketer off the ground. In this course I will give you clear, repeatable techniques that work, rather than general advice and marketing concepts. I will show you examples of world class brands and the strategies and tools that they use.

The course will help you to cover:

1. Facebook Marketing

 Facebook marketing strategy
 How to create an effective Facebook page
 How to get more engagement on your page
 19 Facebook posts formulas that will drive engagement
 How to get Facebook likes for free
 How to measure and report

2. YouTube

 YouTube marketing strategy
 Analysis on what makes people watch videos
 Account set up & optimization
 Keyword research
 How to get more views on your videos
 How to increase your subscribers
 How to analyze and report YouTube

3. Twitter

 What you need to know
 How to setup a twitter account
 How to create a twitter marketing strategy
 How to increase your followers
 How to track results

4. LinkedIn

 How to create a killer profile
 How to grow your connections
 How to find your target audience
 Company pages
 How to get started with LinkedIn company pages
 Best practices for pages
 How to promote your business with LinkedIn groups

5. Creating a social media Strategy

 An over view of the social media landscape
 How to set the right social media goals/objectives
 Analysis of how successful brands use social media?
 How to your target audience
 Choosing the right social channels for your brand
 How to develop a content strategy
 How to Listen, engage and interact
 Analytic tools

6. Content creation

 Creating content your audience wants
 Content Types
 Tips for writing great content that get massive shares, likes and comments
 Working with content calendars
 Social media management tools

7. How to find clients

 Pitching for the first time
 What to carry
 Client questionnaire forms
 What to charge for
 How much to charge
 Contracts and agreements
All the strategies, tips and tools recommended are either free or very cost effective. You can also take each section as a standalone course if you want to focus on a particular marketing channel.


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